Discount HEAD 2000*1500mm Waterjet Cutting Machine price
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Discount HEAD 2000*1500mm Waterjet Cutting Machine price

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The biggest discount for HEAD waterjet at the end of 2020!
HEAD2015BA all-in-one (mono-block design)machine, easy to install, less maintenance, exclusive cutting model for tile and marble parquet, also no problem cutting metal!
This promotion limit time is from November 1st to 30th, Purchase QTY limit is 5 sets! Seize the opportunity, buy without delay! First come first served!
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A high pressure water jet cutting machine is a tool which slices into metal and other materials, using a jet of water at high velocity and pressure. Because of its advantages of low noise, no pollution, high precision and good reliability, it has been widely used in mining, automobile, paper-making, food, art, construction and other industries.Waterjet can cut almost every thing, including metal, glass,

plexiglass,ceramic,marble, granite, rubber and compound material etc.

Cutting accuracy:+/- 0.1mm 

Repeat accuracy:+/- 0.05mm

Net Cutting Area X = 2.000 mm (6.56')
Y = 1.500 mm (4.92' )
Z = 150 mm (5.9")
Inner Table Working Area 2.000 mm x 1.500 mm
(6.56' x 4.92')
Overall Dimensions 2.200 mm x 1.700 mm 
(7.22' x 5.58'  )
Rapid Speed 0 - 9000mm / min
(0-29.53' / min)
Weight 2.000 Kg
(5.000 lb)
Positioning Accuracy ± 0,02 mm
(± 0,0008")
Repeatability ± 0,01 mm
(± 0,003")

2015waterjet cutting machine

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