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New Products(OEM)

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Special customized machines,HEAD Waterjet has an excellent and creative mechanical design team. The designed equipment solves the customer's cutting problems. The customer is very satisfied.

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Special customized machines

The high pressure water jet cutting machine allows to cut a wide range of materials with pure cold water or water mixed with abrasive for very hard materials. The accuracy and the power of the jet allows high precision cutting, even for complex shapes.


HEAD mini waterjet cutting machine (model:HEAD0303-FP )

Product details:

•  Size 34" x 25" x 21" (864 mm x 635 mm x 534 mm) 

• HEAD Size with Stand Leg Accessory 34" x 25" x 47" (864 mm x 635 mm x 1194 mm) 

• Weight 110 lbs. (50 kg.) 

•  Loaded Weight 300 lbs. (136 kg.) 

• Pump Box Size 21" x 15" x 11" (533 mm x 355 mm x 280 mm) 

• Pump Box Weight 45 lbs. (21 kg.)220V ; 50 Hz 

1. Control accuracy: ±0.01 mm 

2. Cutting accuracy: ±0.1 mm 

3. 3 axis control, Auto zero positioning 

4. Way of drive : Servo ( drives and motors are 

YASKAWA brand from Japan ) 

5.All screw are ABBA brand from Taiwan, linear guide 

are come from IRSO barnd from Taiwan. 

mini waterjet cutting machine

water jet cutting machine

Waterjet Cutting Food

• Safe for the Environment; no airborne dust and cleaner for food products.
• Omni-directional cutting + Minimal tolerances = Perfect Portion Control.

• In fact, cutting and portioning of foods is one of the earliest waterjet applications. Meats, poultry, fish, produce, pastries, frozen foods and even candy bars are being cut today with our ultrahigh-pressure waterjets.

• Operator safety

The biggest advantage of waterjet cutting is the time savings using pure water as a food cutting solution. Since no knife  blades are ever used, there is no downtime changing out or sharpening dull blades. Bakeries have literally doubled their yield cutting cakes with waterjet compared to using knives

gantry water jet cutting machineGantry Special Water Jet Machine

Working Area : 4500*10000mm
• Structure : split gantry

• Z-axis travel  : 300mm

• Control accuracy  : +0.01mm

• Repeat positioning accuracy : +0.05mm

• Height of the water tank:1000mm

• Double x-axis cutting platform, two kinds of three-axis cutting head and shaft AB5, three groups of high pressure pumps, the oil cooler three, two for the automatic sand filter, a common softener composition

waterjet cutting machineSingle-beam Cutting Duplex Alloy Tube Water Jet Machine

• 6 m pipe length on both sides meet at the same time cut, 

and cutting efficiency requirements
• Increase CNC pipe rotating mechanism, can achieve 

three-dimensional cutting of the pipe

• Pipe cutting wheel frame with height adjustable design in order to 

accommodate different diameters of pipe cutting

According to the actual production needs of our customers, we design and calculate the ratio of multi-charger to multi-head, and the multi-head can work at the same time to increase the cutting efficiency. 

three-dimensional cutting of the pipe

• Pipe cutting wheel frame with height adjustable design in order to 

accommodate different diameters of pipe cutting

robotic waterjet cutting machine• Abrasive robotic waterjet cutting systems supplied by Dynamic Robotic Solutions provide an efficient alternative to conventional machining methods such as sawing, shearing, punching & milling as well as thermal processes including laser and plasma cutting for deburring & cutting castings, forged parts & composite components.• Efficient material utilization, small kerf width• Limited cutting force on the part, only simple and cost effective fixtures• No heat affected zone, hardening or stress in the material• Efficient material utilization, small kerf width• Omni-directional cutting of contours• Limited cutting force on the part, only simple and cost effective fixtures 

GRP/ FRP tank milling and cutting machine


• Machine style: Broken milling platform structure general type milling machine structure  

• X-axis and Y-axis adapts stainless steel dustproof, it can effective avoid water and dust get inside. Z-axis adapts dustproof, in order to maintenance conveniently.   

• Use PLC control, brans is INVT. PLC customized software and customized interface.Just type in parameter you need, control turn on/off is enough• Cutting accuracy: ±0.5 mm 

• 3-axis control, control by hand, auto become ZERO.

waterjet cutting machine

water jet cutting machine

waterjet cutting machine

GRP/ FRP tank milling and cutting machine

waterjet cutting machine

Pure water crawler cutting machine


Waterjet cutting pipes and shells and equipped with camera monitoring

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