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New Products (OEM)

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    HEAD Waterjet Cutting Machine
    HEAD Designed Specifically Waterjet Cutting Metal Machine
    Brand: HEAD
    Product Code: 84649011
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    HEAD NEW Designed Stone Slab Tile Ceramic Quantum Quartz Coutertop Waterjet Cutting Machine
    HEAD NEW Designed Stone Slab Tile Ceramic Quantum Quartz Waterjet Cutting Machine
    HEAD AB five- axis waterjet cutting system is designed for high quality ceramic, stone pattern incision reverse angle, and non-ferrous metal vertical precision solutions
    Brand: HEAD
    Product Code: 84565000
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    HEAD NEW Designed Laminated Water Jet Glass Cutting Machine Low Cost
    Waterjet cutting of glass has advanced considerably over the last decade and has now become widely accepted as industry standard as glass processors prove the benefits afforded by current waterjet cutting technology.
    Commonly accepted as the fastest and most cost-effective way of processing glass which requires shaping and/or internal cutouts, waterjet is used for:

    Basic power point cutouts in glass splashbacks
    Holes for door hardware
    Balustrade panels
    Stair treads
    Shower screens & mirrors
    Table top inlays
    Architectural work.
    Brand: HEAD
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