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A Total solution for pipelines cutting & plate processing

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A Total solution for pipelines cutting & plate processingIf you ever work in petrochemical industry, you should be familiar with these pipelines. These pipelines are usually used for transportation of oil and natural gas on land or sea. In the pipeline route, thousands of pipes are connected, it is usually necessary to cut circular, square and other openings at these connections. Do you know what kind of equipment we need to cut such openings?

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How to cut the pipe?

In fact, besides petrochemical industry, there are many applications of this kind of pipe, such as drilling, chemical industry, construction industry, machinery industry, aircraft and automobile manufacturing, boiler, medical equipment, furniture and bicycle manufacturing, etc. The materials of pipes are generally mild steel, aluminum, brass, copper, chromium or stainless steel. In the manufacturing process of cutting pipes, what you are most concerned about may be: the processing efficiency and waste of raw materials. HEAD waterjet plate & pipe integrated machine can greatly improve the pipe processing efficiency on the premise of ensuring the processing accuracy; Using traditional methods, large manufacturers can only cut 10-20 tons of pipes every day. With the help of HEAD waterjet's latest all-in-one machine, the daily output can be increased to 100 tons. Moreover, it is necessary to ensure extremely high cutting precision when cutting round holes, especially when the pipe wall is thick, because if the cutting precision is not high enough, the subsequent welding quality will be greatly affected. Our pipe & plate integrated system can perform highly accurate cutting in round holes or square holes, which provides optimization for subsequent assembly and welding processes.

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Besides pipes, there are still a lot of plates to be cut. What should we do?

In addition to the design of the pipeline cutting, a series of optimization designs have been made for the plate cutting as well. We use a five-axis cutter head to realize dual-platform operation, realize multifunctional cutting, which helps receive various metal & nonmetal processing orders. This also reflects another advantage of water jet cutting machine that is non-selectivity to materials. Materials commonly processed with water jet cutting machine generally include metal, stone, glass, rubber, plastic, foam and composite materials (including FRP/GRP/). Using the plate & pipe integrated machine means that you would spend money of one machine with getting functions of two machines. This model is very popular among customers in Singapore, Brazil, USA and UAE.

Worrying about after-sales service?

There are three solutions prepared for you:

1. Online services. In the current situation of border close caused by the epidemic, we took tutorial videos of equipment installation and uploaded it to the network. After the order is confirmed, we will send the video link to the customer. At the same time, all instructions and maintenance videos are stored in the pen drive delivered with the equipment. Of course, we will also bring a paper version of the instructions with the machine as well. In addition, we are now providing four-to-one online after-sales service, that means a four-person team including two professional after-sales engineers, one after-sales manager and one professional sales person offers non-jet-lag service to each customer. At present, we have delivered 56 sets of pipe & board integrated machines overseas and installed successfully. Our online service is free for life without any charge.

2. On the premise that there is no international travel ban any more, we will arrange engineers to go to the customer's country for installation and training.

3. According to your region and country, we will appoint a localized service engineer to provide after-sales service for you. At present, we have 16 service stations around the world that have cooperated for many years to provide localized services for all our overseas customers. We also welcome more friends to become our localization service partners. If you are interested in this, please feel free to contact us.

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Application guide to various industries:

As mentioned above, besides the petrochemical industry, the plate & pipe integrated system can also be applied to a large number of industries, such as tubular outline pipes for stadiums, bridges, theme parks, Expo centers, airport structures, shopping centers, cranes and trusses; Tubular profile pressure vessels for headers, t-pieces, manifolds, running pipes, reinforcing pads, loading arms, filters, elbow supports, skids, spools, power plants and refineries; Used for tubular forming of pressure vessels, vessel heads, shells, dish heads, dish ends, nozzles and boiler heat exchangers; Tubular profile for jacket, jack-up, skid, gangway, crane boom, stinger, subsea structure and support frame. If you are in the industry mentioned above,and want to improve the processing efficiency, please contact HEAD waterjet. Our products will definitely reduce your operating cost and help you increase your business value.

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As Head has a strong research and development, production sales and service team, Shenyang Head Science and Technology Co.,Ltd has become well-known enterprises in waterjet field.




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