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Specially Designed for European Water jet Metal Cutting Machine


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  • Strict factory testing. After more than 100 tests, the equipment can only be sent to customers, to ensure that the product is generally used for more than 10 years
  • Adopting high-precision screw drive technology, the no-load speed can reach 15m/min, the equipment can run at high speed and improve the working efficiency.
  • After-sales service managers and other regular reminders to customers to change spare parts, timely maintenance of equipment.
  • HEAD3015BA

  • HEAD


Product Description

3015 AC5轴一体机 俄罗斯专机 欧洲专机

  • The water tank bears 1000kg/㎡, and the water tank is designed to be heightened accordingly

  • Add 2 emergency stop buttons

  • Anti-splash baffles are added to the front and both sides of the water tank

  • Lubrication system oil guide groove

  • Liquid crystal display, display pressure and fault problems, can adjust the pressure; increase the air cooling system

  • Electronic sand supply valve and sand shortage alarm to optimize the design of anti-backwaterremote control

  • Integrated soft water + filtration system

  • Water Guns and Air Guns:Equipped with water gun and air gun, easy to clean the workpiece

  • Integrated one-piece CNC system, suitable height, conforms to ergonomic design concept.


Top 10 Advantages of the Upgraded Water Jet Cutting Machine

  1. Unmatched Stability and Durability:

    • Our machine, crafted with heavy-duty welding, surpasses its counterparts by 1 fold, ensuring unparalleled stability and enduring performance.

  2. Precision Cutting:

    • The beam is constructed from aluminum compressed under 4300 tons of pressure, achieving an IT7-level hardness for consistently precise cutting.

  3. Enhanced Power:

    • Equipped with high-power servo motors, providing robust power for stable and reliable cutting operations.

  4. Optimized Efficiency:

    • Utilizes high-precision ball screw drive technology, achieving a rapid empty travel speed of up to 15m/min, significantly boosting operational efficiency.

  5. Exceptional Load Capacity:

    • Engineered with a specialized thickened metal bucket, offering a platform load-bearing capacity surpassing peers by 500kg, ensuring prolonged longevity.

  6. Quality Assurance:

    • Undergoes rigorous testing of over 100 cycles before leaving the factory, guaranteeing product stability and reliability, typically exceeding a lifespan of 10 years.

  7. Comprehensive After-Sales Service:

    • Our dedicated after-sales service manager ensures timely reminders for part replacements and equipment maintenance, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

  8. Unbeatable Value for Money:

    • The machine boasts high-quality, high-speed, high-power, high-precision, high-load capacity, high control, and quality assurance, providing customers with an unparalleled user experience.

  9. Extended Equipment Lifespan:

    • Incorporates a profiled protective cover design, preventing residual moisture and abrasives during cutting, significantly extending the cover's lifespan.

  10. Advanced Structural Design:

    • The optimized equipment structure ensures uninterrupted cutting throughout the entire process, with increased stability in bed structure, guaranteeing reliable cutting operations.

Technical Parameters



Working area



250 mm

Cutting Accuracy

± 0.1 mm

Drive Type




Repeat positioning accuracy


Platform load-bearing capacity


Cooling model

Air cooling/Water/Oil cooling

The actual effective improvement of the inconvenience encountered in the use of the process, every detail is based on the needs of customers considerations, to bring you the most convenient and convenient operating experience


Video show

Cutting Sample

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