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 Cold Cutting without thermal influences.
 Material saving production due to reduced cutting width.
 Flexible processing of all virtually material with consistent high quality.
 Tension-free processed parts due to minimal cutting force.
 Environment friendly & clean production without poisonous gas.
 Close linking with the CAD/CAM programming system.
 High productivity through multi head cutting system & multi layer cutting.
 High-Performance drive system, which permit high-precision production of parts as well as the highest processing speed.

Advantages of Water Jet Cutting

Water jet cutting has several key attributes that distinguish it from traditional techniques such as machining, laser, plasma, and wire EDM.

Save Costs

If running a water jet machine is cheap, one of its most notable attributes. After considering everything, the cost of running a waterjet is only $12/hour.
In addition to the initial operating costs, waterjet cutting offers other cost-saving benefits such as low tangential forces from drawing to cutting, fast cutting speeds and fast settling times, often eliminating the need for fast transition times for clamping.

No Chemicals or Heat

Since this process uses only water and granite erosion it is technically a material in the cold cutting process, and any heat that can be generated by the erosion process is immediately cooled by the water stream. As a result, warpage, deformation and material hardening typically associated with laser, plasma and processing are eliminated, thereby minimizing the need for secondary processing.
It is also safer for operators and the environment as it produces no vapor or smoke and any dust particles produced by the erosion process is trapped in the water and is filtered out safely later.

No Tool Changes Required

Improve your operational efficiency and profitability by cutting all materials on one machine. Waterjet uses the same tools to cut all types of products - no need to change cutting tools when switching to other products. Simply adjust the feed rate to the appropriate speed to match the type and thickness of the material.

Cut Any Material

The high pressure water mixed with the abrasive produces a sharp cutting stream that can cut almost any shape and thickness. This includes bonded laminates such as aluminum composite panels and rubber-lined wear panels.
Waterjet solutions allow you to cut any shape, size or material up to a maximum thickness of 300 mm. By using the same tool and parameters during most operations, it is possible to easily cut different materials such as marble, granite, glass, ceramic, composite materials, metals, and alloys.

Increased Cutting Flexibility

Simply put, if your product can't be cut by a waterjet, it may not cut at all! Being able to effectively reduce the flexibility of almost any job a customer needs is one of the key reasons why waterjets are such an attractive option.
All of the following products are cut daily by the global waterjet cutter:
 Aluminium: Tipper trailers, boat manufacturers, aircraft components, general fabrication
 Hardened Steels: Armour plating, Bisalloy, military hardware
 Marble & Granite: Kitchen & bathroom vanity tops, memorials, monuments, decorative flooring
 Ceramics: Porcelain, wear liners, floor and wall tiles
 Plastics: Fibreglass, kevlar, polyethylene, composites
 Automotive: Carpets, head linings, trims, insulation
 Glass: Splashbacks, doors, GPO cutouts, glass art
 Gasket Manufacture: Cork, rubber, neoprene, foam

Water Jet Cutter

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