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    New Design Energy Saving Servo Direct Drive Ultrahigh-pressure Waterjet Pumps
    servo direct drive intensifier pump is a device that directly converts electrical energy into hydraulic energy by a crankshaft mechanism. Because the power conversion of the traditional asynchronous motor is relatively low, and the power conversion ratio of the permanent magnet servo motor is as high as more than 97% . The use of the servo permanent magnet motor instead of the asynchronous motor greatly improves the electricity usage rate of servo direct drive pump and keeps the conversion rate at more than 90%. However, the traditional hydraulic intensifier's energy conversion rate is only about 50%, (the 50% conversion rate is only in the state where high-pressure water is generated).The main reason is that while generating high-pressure water, the hydraulic oil continues to generate heat. The heat generated by hydraulic oil needs to consume a large amount of electricity, and cooling the hydraulic oil increases the loss of electricity.
    Brand: HEAD
    Product Code: 84565000
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    Water Jet High Pressure Pump
    HEAD ultra high pressure waterjet 420Mpa or 380Mpa water jet cutting machine pump



    electrical power:37KW/50HP


    intensifier assembly is imported from USA
    Brand: HEAD
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    50mpa Waterjet Cutting Drive Pump For Laboratory
    Direct Waterjet Cutting Drive Pump
    1.Type of pressurization is direct drive
    2. Control way: operate by the touched screen and control by PLC
    3.Max. water discharge is 20 L/min
    4.Max. diameter of orifice is 1.19mm
    5.Max. operating pressure is 50MPa
    7.Power requirement : 22 KW( Can also be customized,380V/50HZ use servo motor as the main motor
    8. No need outside cooling device, with the auto fun as cooling system
    Brand: HEAD
    Product Code: HS code: 84649011
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    HEAD NEW Designed Waterjet Cutting Machine Pump
    HEAD 420MPa exchange hydraulic booster 37Kw high pressure pump
    Brand: HEAD
    Product Code: HS code: 84565000
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