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The Operating Instruction of CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine
1. The operator must be trained professionally before real operating.
2. The operator shall be acquainted with instruction of waterjet cutting machine, and operate according to the Operating Instruction strictly, laypeople forbidden.
3. Please check whether power supply, water supply and air supply are in place before starting up.
4.  Ensure the environment temperature not lower than 10°C.
5. Confirm the inlet water pressure not less than 0.2MPa, and the pressure not less than 0.6MPa
6. Make sure the storage tank of deionization system there being always saturated brine salt. (Namely industrial salt)
7. Deionization system may not power off. (After power off shall be in accordance with the instructions to adjust the regeneration time)
8. Make sure the automatic lubrication pump oil level is higher than the minimum oil level.
9. Unscrew the overflow valve after high pressure system maintenance, and then adjust working pressure gradually, after pressure maintaining for 3 minutes to work normally.
10. Must replace water filter cartridge timely for high pressure system and deionization system.
11. Cutting operations shall be behind the machine back to the mechanical zero point
12. Removing high pressure parts forbidden when existing pressure inside the equipment.
13. Putting hand under the cutting head is strictly forbidden
14. Equipment should be accurately grounding, it is strictly prohibited to maintain and repair electrical components when existing pressure.
15. Turn off the power, water and air sources when equipment is not in use.
16. Wipe the machine every day before off work, ensure the equipment clean.
Water jet cutting machine regular maintenance instruction:
No.                     Iterm period Tools and methods standard
1 High pressure system If water or oil leakage from the cylinder head observation hole or not      Per shift Sight check
The oil leakage frequnency from the cylinder observation hole,could not exceed 20 drops
2 If water leakage from outlet pipe and every joint or not Per shift Sight check Every connection joints observation hole without water leakage
3 If oil leakage from every joint and connection of oil system Per shift Sight check Every connection joints without oil leakage
4 If heat generated from High and low pressure one-way valve or not Per shift Touch with hand The same temperature in both of the high and low pressure one-way valve body and other parts
5 Grinding low pressure one-way valve core, valve pad Every100 hours grinding plate and the metallographic sandpaper Smooth surface without any defect
6 grinding high pressure one-way valve core, plug Every100 hours grinding plate and the metallographic sandpaper Smooth surface without any defect
7 Change the water filter cartridge every 300 hours   The pressure difference is higher than 0.1 MPa
8 Replace the high pressure sealing ring Every 400 hours High pressure seal disassembly tooling Installed in the right direction, no leakage
Replacement of low-pressure valve core, screws
Every 500 hours   Abrasive valve core and plug head flat to flat without any defects, screw thread in the thread glue
10 Replace the high pressure one-way valve core, valve pad, spring Every 500 hours   Abrasive valve core, valve cushion flat to flat without any defects, no dead point card dead after spring load
11 Replace the low pressure sealing Every 2000hours /1 year Take doen the tooling for low pressure sealing Installed in the right direction, no leakage
12 clean oil tank and replace the hydraulic oil Every 2000 hours/1 year   Cleaning tank wall without welding slag, foreign body
13 High pressure water switch valve If leakage from the High pressure water switch body observation hole or not per shift  
Sight check
Without water leakage,replace the Hydrosphere sealing  
14 If water out from the sand pipe after turning off the water switch valve Per shift Sight check Replace the valve core and valve pad, after water shut-off ,from the sand pipe or into the sand without the water
15 Cutting head Whether water outlet from sand pipe disperse,cutting speed slow down obviously
Per shift Sight check Open sand tube removed after high pressure, water flow from the nozzle in the nucleus, the need to change the new sand tube, or change the nozzle
16 For the sand pipe, into the sand is damaged Per shift Sight check Replacement of new sand pipe
No. item period Tols and methods Standard
17 Sand valve Whether the Sand valve connecting tube broken to form a gas leak Per shift Sight check Replacement of new sand valve connection joints
18 Clean the dust in the sand valve
Per shift Air rifle no dust sand in the valve cavity
19 Replace sand M10 throttling valve screws  
Every 400 hours/2 months
Sight check Replace M10 throttle screw, and adjust the screw on the bottom of the sand to valve movement, the distance between valve core is about 0.5 mm
20 Cutting table Check the oil lubrication system status and cleaning screw and guide rail Every 200 hours/1 month Oil gun,open protective cover X, Y, Z screw nut and guide to the transmission system of each slide block are lubricating oil supply; Will adhere to the guide rail, screw the dust is wiped clean after the lube oil gun evenly
21 Check accuracy of platform Every 1000 hours/6 months Vermier caliper
Cut a diameter of 150 mm round and the side length is 150 mm square, measured with a caliper. Roundness error control in 0.10 mm, diagonal error control in 0.05 mm
22 Measuring the X axis and Y axis screw nut backlash Every 2000 hours/123 months Dial indicator By changing the system parameters to compensate or direct adjustment screw nut
23 cleaning Before and after shift cleaning equipment Per shift   Surface of equipment shows primary color
24 After shiift cleaning the equipment around the ground and auxiliary facilities Per shift   The ground and auxiliary facilities, cleaness without pollution
25 Wipe The whole equipment inside and completely Per week   Equipment surface and not easily clean clean corner are the primary colors, in addition to the surface of lubrication equipment, other parts without oil
26 others Neat tools and accessories, set regularly Per shift   Tools and accessories complete, neat standard
27 Damage parts and inactive parts classified setted Per shift   Damaged parts separately store, couldn't stay with mixed with spare parts
28  fasten the electrical control cabinet and fastening screw Every month   Electrical cabinets cable fixed screw fastening without shaking
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