Many industries are realizing the benefits of high-pressure water jets. As one of the fastest-growing precision machine processes today, waterjet technology has effectively enabled a wide range of industries to benefit from significant efficiency gains and achieve high productivity, while being extremely cost-effective and environmentally sustainable.
Applications Of Waterjet Cutter:
• Ceramic/Stone Cutting
• Glass/Metal Artwork
• Building & Constructions
• Automotive industry
• Food Cutting
• Fiberglass Cutting
• Rubber & Composites Cutting
• Slitting Operations/ Trim & Hole cuts
• Aerospace Industry
waterjet cutting machine
Abrasive waterjet cutting machines efficiently cut stone, marble, ceramics, porcelain and tile.​​​​​​​
Waterjet Cutting of Stone & Tile
waterjet cutting machine
Waterjet cutting can be used for glass without the risk of crushing or tearing.
Waterjet Cutting of Glass
waterjet cutting machine
Waterjet is ideal for cutting a range of standard and exotic metals including: Flat Sheet Metal, Flanges, Moulds, Spare Parts for Gears, Cutting Samples Moulded for the Oleo-dynamic Sector Special Alloys for the Shipbuilding Sector, cold cutting process which means it is ideal for cutting metal as there are no heat effected zones on any part of the workpiece.
Waterjet Cutting of Metal
waterjet cutting machine
Pure water cutting (no abrasives) is the tool of choice for the production of interior carpets, insulation materials and ceiling linings, because it produces the least amount of material waste.Due to its ability to be integrated with robotic systems, waterjet cutting machines have been used in the automotive industry for many years.
Water Cutting for Automotive interior 
waterjet cutting machine
As composite material consists of two or more different kinds of materials,so the traditional processing method is not only easy to damage the material incision, but also lead to delamination. But water jet cutting solves these problems perfectly
Waterjet Cutting of Composites
waterjet cutting machine
Waterjet is becoming increasingly popular for portioning produce and food products as it delivers amazing time savings, increases product shelf life and reduces risk of cross-contamination inherently caused by cutting with blades
Water Cutting for Food

Waterjet Cutting Machine

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