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The benefits of high pressure water jets are being realised by many industries. One of the fastest growing precision machine processes today, waterjet technology effectively enables a wide range of industries to benefit from significant efficiency gains and to achieve high productivity, whilst being extremely cost effective and environmentally sustainable. Designed & manufactured to perfection, we are one of the well known and leading manufacturers and exporters of Water Jet Cutting Machinery. At our premises, we are manufacturing the cutting machinery utilizing premium quality of raw materials and components. In addition to this, the cutting machinery is best known in the market due to its remarkable features such as high performance, easy operation and durability. This Machinery finds usage in many application such as automotive, aerospace and electronics for cutting metals and non metals.
Applications OF Waterjet Cutter:
• Job & Machine Shop Application
• Metal, Exotic & Nontraditional Material Cutting
• Machine Manufacturing
• Ceramic/Stones Cutting
• Glass/Metal Artwork
• Surgical Instrument Manufacturing
• For Institute which are engaged in teaching various technologies
• Gasket Cutting
• Fiberglass Cutting
• Foam Product Cutting
• Slitting Operations/ Trim & Hole cuts
• Electronics
HEAD abrasive water jet cutting machine can cut and pierce all stone, marble and tile, no matter how brittle the material is. Because there is no thermal deformation, it will not be deformed due to its shape or strength. The floor mosaic is processed by our CNC water jet cutter to save time and labor costs and reduce the space occupied by our water jet machine.

When dealing with stone, tile and glass, the material must be perforated at low pressure and then automatically switched to high pressure during the cutting process. Perforation, cutting, and speed of tool pads are controlled by our water jet controller.

Waterjet cutting is ideal for the stone and tile industry because it maximizes performance, reduces costs and increases profits. Waterjets can cut sinks and faucets, and can create smooth edges on flats cut with a saw. Water jets are a wonderful tool when used for inlays, logos,  complex designs or any other artistic accent.
How do you cut glass?
HEAD water jet simplifies cutting and penetrating thin and delicate glass, thick laminated glass With waterjet cutters, thanks to advanced technology, glass cut profiles and shapes can be achieved at very reasonable costs. Applications range from stained glass, mirrors, inlays, decorations, windows and more.
Due to the brittleness of the material, cut glass resembles stone and tile cutting. Its tendency to crack requires that the perforation start at low pressure and gradually increase to a higher pressure to increase the cutting speed. To prevent damage to the material, the pump automatically adjusts and restores the pressure (and therefore the speed) when cutting precision materials. Softer alternative abrasives can be used to further reduce the possibility of cracks, chipping or surface flaws.
  • Advantages of Cutting Glass with Waterjet:
  • Cut glass geometry that common machining cannot perform
  • Delicate glass does not crack during processing
  • Precisely cut thin to thick glass without changing any tooling
  • Cuts glass panels up to 9" (23 cm) in thickness
  • Eliminates pressure of cutting process on surface material
  • No tool to sharpen
  • No or reduced need for reworking of the cut edge
  • No waste of material, narrow cutting gap
  • Cost effective means of cutting holes in glass
  • Create intricate design in any shape and size(Not suitable for the processing of tempered or hot glass)
Waterjet cutting is the most versatile and efficient process on the market. When abrasives are used in the water jet, it produces clean cuts that do not require secondary processing. Therefore, abrasive waterjets are ideal for cutting metals such as aluminum, steel cutting, stainless steel, tool steel, titanium, brass, copper, Inconel, alloys, and any other special materials.
Abrasive waterjets can cut material up to 8" thick without leaving heat-affected areas. The abrasive waterjet also cuts complex parts quickly and accurately, maintaining a 0.003 to 0.005 tolerance range.
Abrasive waterjets are also commonly used for stone cutting and glass cutting because they can form complex shapes.
Because composites are not homogenous materials and are reinforced for greater strength, cutting composites are always considered to be a tough work. As a non-contact cold cutting process, waterjet does not produce heat-affected zones, or leave rough edges and burrs. High pressure waterjet can cut the composites in a fast speed. The abrasives added in the cutting also have grinding function which will make the cutting surface smoother, cleaner and more accurate. Therefore, waterjet is the best choice for composite cutting.
Abrasive water jet cutting is more popular, especially when it comes to metal cutting such as steel, stainless steel, tool steel, aluminum, brass, copper, titanium, nickel, alloys and any other special metals. Abrasive water jet cutting is used for glass cutting and stone and tile cutting, but it is different from steel cutting due to its brittleness and vulnerability. All of these applications are used in the automotive industry, the aerospace industry, the yachting and marine industry, and military defenses.
Ultrahigh-pressure water jet cutting food does not cause bacteria to spread. When the tool is sharpened, it does not have to stop working. What's more, the waterjet cutter has a permanently sharp cutting edge that produces ultra-low-thickness cuts at extremely high speeds. It can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of cutting any product.
The main advantage:
Through this ultra-high-pressure cutting equipment, various foods can be kept fresh or adjusted in flavor without damaging their nutrition, color or texture. When exposed to a pressure range of 50,000 PSI to 60,000 PSI within a short period of time (from 30 seconds to 2 minutes), the food will be heated to achieve disinfection. This means that food cutters can eliminate damaged microstructures and kill harmful pathogens such as E. coli and Listeria. It also enables excellent fermentation, liquid changes and protein changes based on pressure and time.

Waterjet Cutting Machine

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