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Sincered Stone Marble Slab Waterjet Cutting Machine


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  • This waterjet stone cutting machine is specially designed for cutting stone and comes with a high-end configuration.  
  • It can cut shaped and complex shapes, perform 45~60 degree angle cutting
  • Cutting speed of 2000~6000mm/min.
  • It can cut sintered stone/marble/granite slab up to a size of 3.6 * 1.8m, making it the Most popular Stone cutting machine in today's market.
  • HEAD4020BA-5AC

  • HEAD

  • HS code: 84565000

  • Average price of machine 63000 usd


Product Details

waterjet cutting machine

Equipment composition

Stone cutting machine includes: HEAD4020BA CNC cutting platform, CNC system, flip frame, laser height measurement, high-pressure pump, remote control, soft water system, cutting head system (optional 5AB/5AC five-axis cutting head)

1. High Pressure pump: OMRON/Siemens PLC, Siemens motor, Japan Yuken reversing valve, U.S. booster pump, to ensure the high quality of the pump.

2. Cutting table: Panasonic servo motor, Hiwin linear guide, ABBA ball screw, automatic lubrication system, Z-axis double linear (most of them are single linear guide, easy to be deformed by long-term use), Y-axis welded metal+concrete structure cutting table (most of them are only welded metal), to improve the stability and precision. x-beam is made of one-time extruded aluminum alloy with low weight and high rigidity.

3. CNC controller; professional brand Weihong software, Schneider electrical components, etc.

4. Abrasive supply, upper and lower air supply, to ensure stable supply of abrasive to ensure cutting quality.

5. We provide you with soft water system to improve the service life of pump and spare parts.

Technical Parameters



Working area


Equipment size


Equipment weight

2280kg (single platform without water tank)

AC five-axis travel




Repeat positioning accuracy


Platform load-bearing capacity


Cooling model

Air cooling/Water/Oil cooling

2024 Latest Machine

Introducing the 2024 Latest Upgrade - the epitome of cutting-edge stone cutting equipment that not only meets your requirements but also helps you dominate the local and even overseas markets. With its exceptional performance and top-notch features, this is the most sought-after tool in the market right now. Get ready to elevate your business to new heights with this outstanding device.

waterjet cutting machine

Cutting Video/Sample

HEAD Waterjet's stone specialised machine adopts advanced waterjet cutting technology, which can achieve a 45~60 degree bevel cut and seamless splicing, making the Sintered Stone Ceramic Slab countertops more beautiful and sturdy. In addition, waterjet cutting reduces material waste and increases productivity. Therefore, when choosing kitchen countertops or table top, you can consider choosing waterjet cut sintered stone ceramic slabs for better results.


waterjet cutting machine

Option Introduction

Core Component Options
With low noise, no pollution, high precision and high reliability. For more details, please contact us by sending an inquiry.
Automatic Sand Cleaning System
Clean up the deposited waste sand at any time, with no need to shut down, without affecting the operation of the machine
Various functions such as taper control, nesting function to save material, etc. can be realized
Water Cooler

Simple installation, no pollution to the working environment when repairing and maintaining the equipment.

Customer Showcase

waterjet cutting machine

waterjet cutting machine

HEAD Waterjet stone cutting machines have successfully solved stone cutting problems for customers in over 60 countries. Our machine is popular among consumers because it utilizes HEAD Waterjet cutting technology to flawlessly cut kitchen countertops. It has not only won widespread praise from consumers, but has also created great wealth for our customers. With an average selling price of $63,000, this specialized machine is a disruptor in the industry. We look forward to working with you to open up new markets and create a prosperous future!


As Head has a strong research and development, production sales and service team, Shenyang Head Science and Technology Co.,Ltd has become well-known enterprises in waterjet cutting machine manufacturer field.



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