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  • Q What are the basic components I will need when running a Waterjet machine?


    When running a waterjet machine, you will need the following basic components.

    Electric Power
    Compressed Air
    Normal tap water
    Drain point
    Flat, solid flooring (a waterjet machine will way between 5 and 20 Tonne)

    In addition to these basic components, you will also need a waterjet cutting table, a high-pressure pump, and an abrasive delivery system. The waterjet cutting table is where the workpiece is placed and the cutting takes place. A high-pressure pump is responsible for generating the water jet at a pressure of up to 90,000 psi, and the abrasive delivery system mixes the abrasive with the water to further enhance the cutting power of the water jet.

    It is also important to have safety measures in place when operating a waterjet machine. This includes protective eyewear for the operator, as well as safety guards around the machine to prevent accidental contact with the water jet. Proper training and supervision should also be provided for all personnel involved in the operation of the waterjet machine.

    It is important to note that operating a waterjet machine can be a costly investment. However, with proper maintenance and care, a waterjet machine can be a valuable asset in many industries, including aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing.

  • Q How fast can a waterjet cut and how does it hold accuracy? 

    Speed and accuracy depend on the texture of the material, the thickness of the material and the quality of the cut required.
    We are also happy to test your material samples in our laboratory. The cutting speed is determined by several variables, including the type of edge quality required. Whether your priority is speed or the finest cut, you can adjust variables such as the amount of abrasive used, the cutting pressure, the size of the orifice and focus tube, pump horsepower, etc. to produce the desired result.
  • Q How much does a complete waterjet system cost?

    If running a water jet machine is cheap, one of its most notable attributes. After considering everything, the cost of running a waterjet is only $14/hour.
    Then, once you add product material costs, hours, profit percentages, etc., you get the final price.
    If you need abrasives, you will need an additional price, which is usually between $0.20 and $0.35 per pound, up to $35.00/hour, depending on pump power and cutting time.
    In addition to the initial operating costs, waterjet cutting offers other cost-saving benefits such as low tangential forces from drawing to cutting, fast cutting speeds and fast settling times, often eliminating the need for fast transition times for clamping.
  • Q What kinds of materials can be cut with a waterjet?

    A A waterjet can cut both hard & soft materials including, but not limited to titanium, stainless steel, aluminium, munitions, exotic alloys, composites, stone, marble, floor tile, glass, automotive headliners & door panels, gasket, foam, rubber, insulation, textile, food and many more. Soft materials are cut with water only, while hard materials require a stream of water mixed with fine grains of abrasive garnet.
  • Q How thick can a waterjet cut?

    A It varies with the softness or hardness of the material being cut. This can range anywhere from a 1/4 inch up to 30 inches thick. Hard materials are normally cut within a 1/4 to 2.5 inch-range. This does not mean Stainless Steel or stone with a 4 or 5-inch thickness cannot be cut with a waterjet. It all depends on the purpose for which cutting is done (i.e. prototype, production, etc.), as well as the system operating conditions.

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