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Shenyang Head Science & Technology Co.,Ltd is specialized in designing, researching and developing, manufacturing Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Waterjet Cutting System and relative parts. We have more than 50 series of selt - developed designs and molds. And achieve several patents on waterjet cutting machine for customers selecting. which is a well-known water jet brand at home and abroad. HEAD waterjet has won many honor such as national high-tech enterprise, national science and technology giant, national potential gazelle enterprise, etc. It has deeply studied the water jet cutting technology and relevant applications for many years, continuously innovated and practiced, provided high-quality and high-standard customized solutions for aerospace, petrochemical, automobile manufacturing, architectural decoration, textile and food industries.HEAD waterjet takes "making cutting no longer a problem" as its corporate mission, continuously integrates resources, and devotes itself to providing diversified one-stop solutions for customers.
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To provide the optimal cutting solution and constantly help increase business value for customers
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To make cutting no longer a problem
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Our water cutting machine can reduce your purchase cost exactly under the same quality conditions



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Waterjet Cutting Solutions Supplier
Our final product is customer value, return our machines and services can be provided in time, money, 
quality and sustainability are highly measurable


We improve the profitability of businesses through superior manufacturing line solutions
Our factory has been focus on waterjet cutting machine production for 14years. A good factory supplier can save time and money for you,and also help you win the market.
One full set of machine Consists of worktable,pump ,cnc controller,abrasive delivery system and water cooling tower. Cutting materials are not limited (stainless steel, steel, copper, aluminum and other metals, glass steel, stone, glass, ceramics, plastics, composite materials...), waterjet cutting is currently the most applicable cutting process; No heat is generated during cutting, no arc marks appear at the slits, no thermal effect, no need for re-machining and easy rework; It can cut and punch any curve, no need for mold, flexible and convenient; The slit is only 1-1.5, the cut surface is smooth and smooth, and the roughness can reach 3.2μm~1.6μm; The workpiece does not need special clamping, and the operation is simple and convenient; The cutting range is wide and the thickness of the metal is up to 150mm.
The cutter head inclined at an angle in any direction,eliminating the phenomenon f concave convex and uneven cutting surface(to eliminate phenomenon of small surface and large bottom).To make the front junction smaller, reduce grinding link,can tile diretly.Reducing the polished and the production cost greatly. 2. Make the complex graphics more delicate and beautiful. 3. It turning without pause,no turning dot,make cutting speed faster.The cutting surface roughness wil not affect the collage
5 axis cutting head enables operators to cut bevels and mitre cuts up to 45 degrees. provides the option to activate a "taper compensation" setting which offsets the taper in the water stream to accurately achieve the desired angle.
HEAD CNC SAW waterjet cutting machine Designed for ceramic and stone cutting cutting kitchen benchtops with 5 axis water jet cutter
It's can't work perfectly for the complicated shapes cut of ceramic tile marble porcelain without getting help from waterjet cutting machines.

We're HEAD Waterjet and We Also Offer Customized Cutting Solutions

We manufacture and provide highly productive, reliable, and intuitive waterjet solutions.


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As Head has a strong research and development, production sales and service team, Shenyang Head Science and Technology Co.,Ltd has become well-known enterprises in waterjet field.




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