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How to cut carbon fiber board?

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How to cut carbon fiber board

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Carbon fiber composites have excellent properties and are widely used in many manufacturing fields. The reinforcement and repair of the walls of the workshop are generally made of steel or carbon fiber cloth. Generally, for the seriously damaged foundation or load-bearing column, the method of concrete replacement is used to knock down the original damaged concrete and re-model the grouting. Carbon fiber reinforcement repair structure technology is another new type of structural reinforcement technology after increasing the concrete section and bonding steel. Reinforcement by planting bar is a relatively simple and effective connection and anchoring technology for concrete structures; it can be implanted with ordinary steel bars and bolted anchor bars; it has been widely used in building reinforcement and reconstruction projects.

waterjet cutting machine

Carbon fiber sheets are the main product before being processed into specific components. For carbon fiber board cutting, many product processing practitioners are not familiar with it. Due to the high price, blind attempts will bring huge economic losses. Let's talk about carbon fiber.
Carbon fiber composite material has excellent properties, and it has been widely used in many manufacturing fields. For cutting, many practitioners do not understand the deep processing of carbon fiber products because of its high price, and blind attempts will bring great economic losses.

What problems should be paid attention to in carbon fiber board processing?

The carbon fiber board is generally composed of polyurethane resin and carbon fiber. The carbon fiber is resistant to high temperature while the general resin matrix is not resistant to high temperature. In the process of carbon fiber board processing, if there is a high temperature, it will cause basic softening. At this time, it is more difficult to directly cut carbon fiber, which will cause a great loss to the tool, so the temperature must be lowered in the process of cutting carbon fiber board.

For cutting carbon fiber board, there is no special tool, but traditional material cutting methods are also suitable for carbon fiber board, such as mechanical cutting, water cutting, ultrasonic cutting, all can be used for carbon fiber board.

Brief introduction of carbon fiber sheet cutting method:

Mechanical cutting.

Carbon fiber usually uses a cutter wheel when the cutting wheel is used to maintain a high speed to avoid burrs. Then precision machining can also be done with an alloy tool machine: cutting is performed (eg a pineapple knife). However, carbon fiber greatly loses tools, multiple burrs from machining, tool wear after poor finish, and low efficiency. It uses high-speed cut diamonds used in aerospace.

waterjet cutting machine

Water cutting

The method of water cutting, also known as water jet, is made by a water jet. There are two forms of waterjet cutting: with sand and without sand. Cutting carbon fiber board requires the sand cutting method, adding a hard abrasive to the water. The water jet cutting machine is suitable for cutting and curing full carbon fiber board, and it should not be too thick. The method is suitable for batch processing, and the operation is simple;  Cutting speed on a waterjet, especially for small features, is much faster than using a router. With a router, the depth of cut and feed-rate depends on the size of your router bit and part thickness. Smaller bits and thicker parts require multiple passes, whereas a waterjet can cut the same part in one pass and usually with a faster feed rate. Another major advantage to using a waterjet is the dust containment. One of the main concerns when working with carbon fiber is dust. Carbon fiber dust can find its way into the inner workings of your machines and cause parts to grind or wear faster than they normally would. It is also an irritant if inhaled or can cause itchiness if it gets on your skin. With a waterjet, all the carbon dust gets blasted into the water tank where it is easier to handle for proper disposal. No expensive dust evacuation systems are required.

waterjet cutting machinewaterjet cutting machine

 laser cutting.

The laser cutting machine needs to increase the cutting power to ensure the cutting effect. The teaching effect of the ordinary low-power laser cutting machine on the cutting effect of carbon fiber products is different. There will be burn marks on the edge of the laser-cut carbon fiber board, which is not recommended.

Ultrasonic cutting Ultrasonic cutting is the use of ultrasonic energy to make the cutting material finely divided to achieve the cutting effect. The ultrasonic cutting machine cuts the carbon fiber board cleanly, the damage to the carbon fiber is small, and the batch processing cost is high.

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