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Robotic Arm

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    Robotic Carbon Fiber Cutting Waterjet Cutting Machine
    Some industries that are currently employing robotic automation technology include automotive, aerospace, electronics, textiles and more.These advanced robotic cells offer the best of waterjet and other technologies to customers with a variety of applications,HEAD Waterjet abrasive waterjet cutting system, integrated with a YASKAWA GP180 robotic arm, provides the ideal solution to companies looking to produce carbon fiber board from electronic product components
    Brand: HEAD
    Product Code: HS code: 84565000
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    Robotic Waterjet Cutting System
    Highly Reliable and Path Accurate
    Cold Cutting Process (no HAZ)
    Hard, Soft or Multi-Layer Materials
    Minimal Fixturing
    Flexibility to Program Infinite Parts
    Increase Throughput with Multiple Robots
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