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Waterjet technology is best answer for cutting and mitering new generation materials such as Dekton and porcelain. Waterjet effectively uses an ultra-high pressure stream of water mixed with abrasive as a powerful cutting tool which cuts through the hardest material in virtually any thickness and no dust emmissions.
Waterjet cutting machine accurately cuts stone
Waterjet technology enables manufacturers to load common DXF files onto the equipment, set the miter position and desired edge finish, and cut the entire board in one operation. The cutting tool is a "jet" with a small taper in the water stream, so many waterjet machines now use the "taper compensation technology", which slightly tilts the head to the waste side of the line and provides a perfect 90 or 45 degree angle on the face to be connected.

Waterjet machine reduces waste
Compared to cutting water tanks and curves with CNC spindle routers, water jets significantly reduce the waste load on water treatment equipment. This is because water jets only have a cut width of 1-1.5 mm, and finger tools usually remove about 20 mm of material over the entire cutting length.

Cut stone faster
Waterjet cutting machines can cut and perforate almost all stone, marble, ceramic and tile products, no matter how brittle the material is. The sunken cuts, threaded holes and curves that were once cut with power tools can now be cut in a very short time using a water jet, which reduces the cutting time to a fraction of the traditional cutting methods. The water jet also eliminates the need to sharpen saws or blades, and since this is a wet process, there is no dust.


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