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Water jet food cutting is a much more efficient process than traditional blade cutting in terms of hygiene, precision, maintenance, energy savings, as well as cost-cutting. It is also a food and drug administration approved process, which guarantees the safety of its use in food industries. Pioneers in the food industry are beginning to recognize this, leading to the growing popularity of water jet cutting in food industry.
To understand the technology behind water jet cutting, it’s necessary to look at the major components that make up the water jet food cutting machine:

Control Unit: This is the software interface using which the operator can control or direct the movement of the cutting head.
Waterjet Table: Waterjet tables consist of a strong surface, usually made of powder-coated steel, on which the food items are placed for cutting.
X-Y Traverse System: This is an X-Y motion arm that allows the nozzle to move along the defined path smoothly.
Pump: The pump supplies steady and pressurized water flow for the cutting process to continue smoothly.
Water Jet Nozzle: Inside this nozzle, high-pressure water passes through a fine gem orifice, usually diamond or ruby, creating a jet of water. Depending on the industry, abrasives and a ceramic mix are blended with the water to create a high-speed erosive water jet that can cut through most materials with ease. In the food industry, only purified water is used for creating the high-pressure jet.
What are the applications of waterjet cutting in the food industry?
Food Production: Preparation, shape-cutting, and portioning of baked goods and snack items like cake, chocolates, granola bars, biscuits, and even dried fruits
Food Processing: Water jet cutting vegetables or fruits, waterjet meat cutting or cutting of poultry and fish, and portioning of all kinds of frozen food
Food-related Equipment: Separation of thin packaging material like aluminum foil

Food-Handling Machinery: Creating manufacturing process components such as packaging equipment and liquid filling equipment


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