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About water jet cutting machine cleaning work matters

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waterjet cutting machine

A unique application of waterjet technology is high-pressure waterjet tubing cleaning, which consists of four parts: the cleaning line consists of the tubing handling system, the tubing clamping, the feed system, and the high-pressure waterjet system. The following HEAD waterjet cutting machine is a small series to introduce the cleaning process of high pressure waterjet.

waterjet cutting machine

Tubing handling system

  It consists of a pneumatic system (air pump, control valve, pusher cylinder, etc.) and a loading and unloading frame. It can realize the automation of tubing loading and unloading according to the working instructions of PLC. Due to the crude oil carried by the outer wall of the tubing, it is inevitable to contaminate the transfer rollers and clamps during the transfer process. During operation, the cleaning process of the outer wall and the two clamping processes are adopted first to avoid the secondary pollution problem in the tubing cleaning process, and the cleanliness of the outer wall of the tubing can be effectively ensured.

Tubing clamping and feeding system

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  The clamping and feeding of the oil pipe are all completed by the electric feed and clamping trolley; the clamping system is a specially designed compound pneumatic three-jaw clamping chuck, which is controlled by the PLC to control the clamping of the internal and external card amount. , retreat and other actions, the design of the jaws to protect the thread of the pipe head. The inner and outer wall cleaning adopts the method of forcing the oil pipe to rotate while feeding, which greatly improves the coverage density of the jet water line, improves the cleanliness and speed of cleaning, and saves operating costs.


Commercial pressure waterjet system

   Mainly by motors, high-pressure pumps, control valves, nozzles, pipe fittings and other accessories. The setting of pressure and flow rate is set by the technician in advance according to the situation. Under normal circumstances, it is not advisable to change at will, so as to avoid production accidents. The injection of the nozzle is also controlled by the PLC.

Cleaning process

   High-pressure water jet generation process: open the high-pressure pump motor on the main console (PLC). The high-pressure pump works. The water in the water tank is sucked out. After the high-pressure pump is pressurized, the pipe and the control valve are sprayed on the outer wall of the nozzle. The process flow: the left side of the car ( Touching the sensor) an oil pipe (the cylinder is started to move upwards), an inner circular clamping device is opened, a rotating motor is rotated, and a nozzle is opened to open the outer wall of the jet cleaning pipe.

   Inner wall cleaning process: Replace the clamping position (outer circle clamping, inner circle contraction), a small car, right row, a jet, cleaning the inner wall of the pipe, one cleaning, motor reversing, one electric car, one retreat, one cleaning, one end, the oil pipe (unloading cylinder) Start up to the top).

Determination of cleaning pressure

  For the special dirt of grease stain, the cleaning stress is mainly caused by the direct impact and shear of water pressure. When the stress exceeds the strength limit of the scale layer according to a certain rule, the scale layer will generate cracks, and the water in the subsequent waterjet Under the action of wedges and the like, it expands into a pit, and finally reaches the entire crack of the scale layer and is washed away. Due to the complexity of the composition and structure of the scale layer, there are no detailed parameters such as performance stress and strain, which can only be used as qualitative analysis. Method, the pressure of the water jet on the scale erosion is determined by the test. Therefore, the working pressure of high-pressure water jet cleaning should be reasonably selected according to the nature of fouling, analogy and test methods. The rated working pressure of this device is: 70 (Mpa).

 Actual flow determination

   While the working pressure of the high-pressure water jet cleaning is determined, the flow rate plays a key role in order to obtain higher cleaning efficiency. In other words, under the premise of ensuring the impact pressure, the larger the flow rate means the energy transferred. The more you wash, the faster it will be. Therefore, a reasonable match between pressure and flow is important when selecting cleaning parameters.

 Determination of jet distance

 The jet distance is the distance from the nozzle to the cleaning surface, and its size has a large effect on the cleaning quality. When the injection distance is increased, the degree of diffusion of the jet to the surface to be cleaned is increased, and thus the loss of jet power is increased; when the injection distance is decreased, the descaling area per unit time is also reduced. Therefore, too large or too small a jetting distance will reduce the cleaning efficiency.

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