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Cases of producing fiber calcium silicate board and cement board

Views: 148     Author: HEAD WATERJET CUTTING MACHINE     Publish Time: 2021-08-27      Origin: HEAD WATERJET CUTTING MACHINE


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With the rapid development of human society, the houses we live in have evolved from brick-wood structures to steel-concrete structures. The rapid development of the construction industry has spawned new technologies and materials, among which there is one material that people may hear less but is a new building material with advantages like environmentally-friendly, waterproof, fireproof, high strength and long service life, that is calcium silicate board.


We can see calcium silicate board in many common buildings such as shopping malls, hotels, residences, factories, warehouses, hospitals, theaters, stations, etc. To be exactly, the calcium silicate board are usually applied in walls making, floors, furniture, road sound insulation, sound absorption barriers, fire prevention, sound absorption, desktop boards, billboards, kitchen and toilet wall and so on.

Gypsum board production line using pure water cutting (2)

There are two pictures showing you the application scene of calcium silicate board:

Exterior wall:widely used in exterior wall decoration, eat preservation and energy saving systems of various buildings such as education, medical care, public and commercial buildings.

Indoor products: widely used in partitions, ceilings, floors, fire prevention, sound insulation and other fields

You might be wondering, what kind of equipment is used to process such board? How id the processing efficiency? Is it the best solution for processing fiber calcium silicate board or similar materials?

Here we introduce an equipment called CNC high-pressure water jet cutting machine to you.

We are at present cooperating with several manufacturers of fiber cement board. Customers previously used five saw blades to cut fiber calcium silicate board, but with many problems such as loud noise, serious dust, uneven cut, low cutting efficiency and environmental pollution. Therefore the customer came to HEAD waterjet and tried to seek a new way of production to tackle these problem. The solution we provided was pure water cutting: equipped with a Qingfeng intensified pump with 5 cutting heads; The cutting heads are divided into two groups, each group is controlled by an air cylinder and is equipped with orifice in different apertures, so as to maximize the cutting efficiency. When the system runs, first cut would be conducted by the two longitudinal cutters, and then cut with three transverse cutters; When cutting longitudinally, the two cutting heads are fixed, and the board is moved by the transfer platform, and the cutting speed could reaches 8 m-10 m/s; During transverse cutting, the transport platform does not move, and the adsorption platform moves with three cutting heads to cut the board into the required size. After cutting, the adsorption platform takes the board away, and then anther production rhythm begin.

Sine the pressure of intensifier pump is stable, the cutting speed of this solution is really fast, and the cutting edge is smooth as well. Multiple cutting heads can cut through more than 20 mm thick boards one time. More over, by comparing with previous method, the equipment noise has been reduced dramatically; Dust is also reduced, which greatly improves the workshop environment. This solution successfully reduces the cost and improves the cutting efficiency of the production line. The following figure is the drawling of the fiber cement board production line designed by us HEAD waterjet.

If you have the same cutting requirement of if you are in need of water jet cutting machine, HEAD waterjet would be your best choice.

HEAD waterjet, the most professional supplier for fiber calcium silicate board production line.

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