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Experience Sharing:Sintered stone slab processing technology , follow these six steps for seamless splicing, the effect will not be bad

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As a new decorative material Sintered stone slab which is oversized, natural color, thickness, light weight, are favorable decoration market,The Sintered stone of deep-processed products are also moving towards each construction project,

Gradually be favored by many projects.


45 degrees

In the practical application of the slab, a large number of right-angle products, such as bath, wash basin, corner cabinet, etc., where the need to cut slab of 45 degrees.The same problem, slab cutting angle of 45 degrees to precise the cut and flat, machining accuracy determines the quality of the finished product.

HD 5-axis water jet machining slab, the angle can be adjusted, without limitation of sizes, cut flat stitching flawless appearance, truly seamless.


Treatment before and after splicing

Refers seamless glaze forming chambered corners 45 degrees, zero Margin for collision angle.

Because the machine is used for cutting when edging, it is inevitable that there will be some flaws,

So the need for a secondary inspection sanding by hand at the end of milling, in order to ensure the quality of the finished product.


Before pasting, we need to do some processing:

1. Clean up and dry Sintered stone

2. Check the size and quality of the drawings, etc.

3. make a fixture to locate the Sintered stone splicing, to protect the finished straight, beautiful.

4. After positioning requires splicing slab, the slab professional glue into the position of the interface

5. Use cloth tape to pull and stick the interface to increase the effect of seamless splicing

6. Leave it for 3-5 minutes. When the glue is not completely dry, the overflowing glue needs to be treated initially.


Surface treatment

After the glue has dried for 20-30 minutes, use a sponge or angle grinder, sandpaper and other tools to polish off the excess glue (special attention: the sponge or angle grinder must be polished at a forty-five degree angle). When a crisp sound is made, the glue has been smoothed.

Special attention: once there is a crisp sound, stop polishing, otherwise the glaze will be worn out and the appearance will be damaged. Finally, scrape the excess glue with a blade. After the glue is cleaned, use a grinding disc of no less than 1000# to polish.


Reinforcement, waterproof treatment

After completion of step four above, reinforcement is required for the back of the adhered interface with a special reinforcement strip or material closing angle codes, to increase the adhesive bonding strength, the stability against falling problems such as cracking.


Anti fouling treatment

Finally, after the completion of more than five steps, it requires anti fouling agent wipe position at the interface, making the interface more beautiful.


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