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Mexican customers come to HEAD waterjet cutter company inspection

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Mexican customers come to HEAD waterjet cutter company inspection

On December 5, 2018, guests from Mexico visited HEAD Waterjet cutting machine company。

The client is a couple who runs a machining company in Mexico and needs water cutting to meet their needs, so he traveled to Shenyang, China, to find a supplier he thought was excellent.

HEAD's professional salesman, summer liu, accompanied the whole process. After communicating the details and performance of the equipment, we reached a cooperation intention with the customers in Mexico and signed a contract.

In the near future, on the American continent, a HEAD waterjet cutting machine from China will help customers in Mexico to provide processing services to help customers bring more benefits, save costs and use materials effectively.

Have a HEAD water jet cutting machine

Not only because HEAD waterjet is cost-effective, but most importantly, HEAD waterjet has a group of HEAD Employee who are willing to solve problems for customers. They are professional, enthusiastic and provide the best service to friends all over the world.

The equipment can provide you with a generous profit for your factory, which is the expectation of our HEAD Employee


As Head has a strong research and development, production sales and service team, Shenyang Head Science and Technology Co.,Ltd has become well-known enterprises in waterjet field.




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