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Waterjet Cutting Process Basics

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The most versatile shape cutting process

Cut almost any material with the highest precision

Can be used in combination with plasma or oxygen fuel on the same part

The most versatile cutting process

Water jet cutting uses ultra-high pressure water to carry the abrasive. The abrasive is cut by mechanical sawing action, leaving a smooth and precise cutting surface.

Waterjet is the most versatile process because it can cut almost any type of material. Limitations include very brittle materials, such as tempered glass and some ceramics.

Water jet is a very precise cutting process. It has a narrow cut width, allows fine contours to be cut, and produces high tolerance parts. However, this is a very slow and expensive process compared to plasma on most metals.

This is why provides a patented combination of waterjet and plasma on the same machine. This option allows you to take advantage of the accuracy of the water jet where accuracy is required, and benefit from the speed and low cost of the plasma where high accuracy is not required. The effect is to produce the parts you need in a shorter time and at a significantly reduced cost.

The working principle of waterjet booster pump

The water jet cutting process starts with a booster pump, which generates the ultra-high pressure (up to 90,000 psi) water pressure required to cut hard materials.

The booster pump uses hydraulic pressure on the water system. The high-horsepower motor drives the hydraulic pump to generate hydraulic pressure to provide power to the piston in the cylinder.

How a Waterjet Intensifier Pump Works

The water jet cutting process starts with an intensifier pump, which creates the ultra-high pressure (up to 90,000 psi) water pressure required for cutting hard materials.

The Intensifier pump uses a hydraulic pressure over water system. A large horsepower motor drives a hydraulic pump, creating hydraulic pressure which powers a piston in a cylinder.

  1. Low pressure water inlet

  2. Boost pump

  3. Water filter

  4. Inlet check valves

  5. Hydraulic pump

  6. Intensifier piston

  7. Accumulator

  8. Water Off Valve

  9. Cutting head

  10. Abrasive metering system


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