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What are the safety precautions when cutting a tile with water jet cutting machine?

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Cutting machine in the daily life of the use of a very wide range, in many industries have played a good cutting effect. Today, we will tell you about the tile cutting machine related product information and the use of precautions, I hope you can come to a good understanding of your daily life and operation will be able to bring the role of promotion.
Because the tile cutting machine in the operation of the time when the need for manual operation, so there is a certain security risks, we must pay more attention to avoid the occurrence of security incidents, to do the following:
First, in the manual operation of the tile cutting machine, pay attention to when the cutting machine to reach the cutting edge of the time, be sure to carefully, along the cutting of the main axis forward, gently cut the tile, can not use too much effort , So as not to cause breakage;

Second, in the water jet cutting process, do not when the equipment should be too high operation, so as not to blade and tile collision, and damage;

Third, because in the course of our operation is difficult to control the operation surface of the ups and downs, which requires that we check the smoothness of the operating surface before cutting, rugged operation surface can not be used to cut, will damage the head and Cutting effect, or we can specifically customize the blade used to operate the ups and downs of the plane;
2020ab5轴 Fourth, the manual operation of the cutting machine, if you want to break the brick surface, do not use the power of the blade, the use of the power of the fuselage to break the effect is better, the degree of blade will have a certain protective effect.
Will you use a tile cutter? Did you understand the operation? If you want to know more about water jet cutting machines, please pay attention to our website, click on the link below to get more knowledge.

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