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Application of water jet cutting technology in non-ferrous metal tungsten alloy cutting

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Title: Application of water jet cutting technology in non-ferrous metal tungsten alloy cutting

Features of this material:

Tungsten is a non-ferrous metal and a rare metal, with a very high melting point and extremely high hardness. Tungsten is also a strategic metal. Due to the characteristics of tungsten, it is generally used in communication technology, electronic computers, aerospace development, medical and health care, photosensitive materials, optoelectronic materials and energy materials. It is an important part of contemporary high-tech materials. .

Industry customer name and cutting requirements:

Xiamen Tungsten Industry Co., Ltd.

Cutting 60mm thick tungsten bar stock


The cutting problem to be solved/the problem of the original cutting method:

Due to the hardness of tungsten, cutting cannot be achieved by cutting methods such as circular saws

Advantages of water cutting:

The CNC ultra-high pressure water jet cutting machine is cold cutting and can be used for cutting various metal materials. It can be mixed with garnet abrasive to realize the cutting of complex shapes of metal materials. During the cutting process, there will be no heat, no melting, and Twisted or warped. Different cutting quality can be achieved by changing the cutting speed, and the cutting edge of different needs can be obtained.

The benefits of waterjet cutting work on this material:

Mixing garnet abrasives for metal cutting requires that the hardness of the cutting material is lower than that of garnets. Since the Mohs hardness of tungsten is close to that of garnet abrasives, water jet technology is a very suitable cutting method for cutting tungsten materials.

Benefits to customers:

The most suitable cutting method, the quality of the cutting surface is good, which can reduce the difficulty of secondary processing for customers.

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