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HEAD waterjet contributes to Russian Infrastructure

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4020BA+双AB五轴+KMT JET50泵

Company name: Ferrex

City: Kazan

Waterjet model: HEAD4020BA-Double 5AB

Part 1: Background

The customer is one of the largest LED light manufacturers in Russia. The company's business field is to design, develop and produce high-quality, energy-saving, modern and reasonably priced LED lights, which can provide customers with services for variety of scene such as household lighting, industrial lighting, commercial lighting and sports lighting. The customer has completed more than 1,000 large-scale projects in Russia, and has made great contributions to infrastructure, sports event and citizen's living development in Russia. The customer has a workshop of 20,000 square meters, and has been using water jet cutting machines for product processing, and has rich experience in using the machine. With the booming development of the company and the sharp increase of orders, the customer needed to introduce new equipment.

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Part 2: Customer requirements are full of challenge

In October, 2020, the purchasing agent of customer company contacted us for the first time to consult cutting equipment which can cut rubber with a thickness of 50 mm. After getting the preliminary quotation, their boss personally contacted our sales manager and put forward more detailed cutting requirements: 

To cut dense rubber sheet with a thickness of 6MM~25MM and a size of 1500 * 3000 mm. 

2, Use pure water cutting, the capacity of production needs to reach 8000-12000 pieces per day, and the workpiece size is 40 * 40 mm. 

3. The equipment needs to work continuously for 24 hours.

waterjet cutting machine

The customer need high-efficiency cutting equipment that can do around-the-clock work, which can be used to process large quantities of small-sized workpieces, which is difficult to realize for standard water jet cutter.

Part 3: Tailored solution fulfill requirement from customer

Double Heads

In order to meet the requirement of cutting efficiency, we design a solution of 4000*2000 platform with two cutting heads. The intensifier pump adopts KMT brand. Since the weight of two cutting heads is far heavier than that of one. To ensure the running speed and cutting accuracy, we have increase the structural strength: the X beam was changed from aluminum to iron; the screw rod with a diameter of 40MM (for standard is 25MM); and the servo motor power is 1000W which is 750W for standard configuration.

Water chiller

waterjet cutting machine

We provided customer with a water chiller system according to the customer’s demand of 24-hour running, which controls oil temperature effectively and ensure the stable running for the machine.

Grid type of platform grating & water adjustment system

Considering that the equipment is mainly used to cut small workpieces of 40*40MM, the conventional platform grating is not suitable for this cutting situation. In order to prevent the cut workpiece from falling into the catch tank, we have customized a grid grating for the customer. In addition, according to the customer's requirements of noise control, we have developed a water adjustment system to minimize the noise generated in the cutting process.

waterjet cutting machine

AB 5-axis cutting solution

The solution equipped with our company's AB 5-axis cutting head, which can make small angle cutting compensation, ensure the verticality of the workpiece after cutting. The cutting system is controlled by the software of NCSTUDIO, which has the characteristics of high precision and simple operation. In addition, the system also supports Russian language, which is very convenient for Russian users to operate.
waterjet cutting machine

Part 4: The satisfaction from customer is the biggest prize for us

This equipment was sent to Russia on May 14th, 2021. According to customer feedback, all the performance indexes of the equipment have met the design requirements, and the customer were very satisfied with it. After that, we discussed the scheme of cutting hard materials (such as metal and stone) with this equipment. We added an automatic sand supply system for customers, and realized the dual functions of pure water cutting and abrasive cutting. By comparison, if the water cutting machine of European and American brands is selected, it will cost 40% more to achieve the same function and quality of machines from HEAD waterjet. HEAD waterjet strives to maximize customers' profits through high-quality service and reasonable price, thus winning the trust of our customer. After this pleasant cooperation, HEAD will further facilitate the development of Russian lighting enterprises in the future, and contribute to Russian Infrastructure.

waterjet cutting machine

As Head has a strong research and development, production sales and service team, Shenyang Head Science and Technology Co.,Ltd has become well-known enterprises in waterjet field.




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