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HEAD waterjet cutting polyurethane with steel core Metric trapezoidal belt pulley Solutions

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As we all know, a major feature of high-pressure water jet cutting is that the cutting material is non-selective. In addition to conventional materials such as stone, metal, and glass, it can also realize the cutting of composite materials and interlayer materials. The cutting speed is fast, and the cutting surface is smooth and burr-free. This feature can be applied in the conveyor belt industry. Conveyor belt is mostly made of polyurethane material and iron core or fabric. During use, the conveyor belt needs to be spliced according to the length of different conveying distances. The cutting at the splicing is mostly round holes or For other special shapes, the original solutions in this industry are laser cutting, manual processing or die processing. The problem with such processing methods is that the quality of burrs on the cutting surface cannot meet the requirements, and secondary processing is required.

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In line with the mission of solving all cutting problems for customers, the technical team of HEAD Technology uses different types of conveyor belt products to carry out trial cutting at different speeds and shapes. , can reach customer quality standards.

This cutting solution has been recognized by domestic and foreign customers, and the water cutting equipment has been exported to Turkey, South Korea and other countries. If you have the same cutting needs, please contact us for consultation. whatsapp: 0086 15942048409 Email: sale2@hdwaterjet.com

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