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IGEMS Software Supplier Collaborates with HEAD Waterjet for a Promising Future

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IGEMS Software Supplier Collaborates with HEAD Waterjet for a Promising Future

Date: October 14, 2023

Leading Chinese waterjet manufacturer, HEAD Waterjet, marked a significant milestone as they welcomed IGEMS software suppliers from Sweden on the 14th of October, solidifying their partnership.

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HEAD Waterjet has been one of the largest Chinese users of IGEMS software for their waterjet systems. IGEMS software specializes in Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM), primarily serving waterjet equipment manufacturers rather than end-users. HEAD Waterjet, with its exceptional performance, has established a strong and cooperative relationship in this field.

This meeting served to reinforce their collaboration and leverage each other's strengths. The IGEMS software suppliers expressed their deep admiration for HEAD Waterjet's remarkable performance and provided specialized product training and support to further enhance their partnership. This deepened cooperation underlines the shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and quality that both entities uphold.

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Furthermore, the IGEMS software suppliers have shown great confidence in HEAD Waterjet's future performance. They acknowledge and resonate with HEAD's corporate culture, one that shares a strong belief in pursuing excellence, serving as a driving force behind their collaboration.

This meeting has injected new energy into their collaborative relationship and is expected to yield more achievements in the future. With China's expanding market and growing demands, the collaboration between IGEMS software suppliers and HEAD Waterjet opens up numerous opportunities, catering to global waterjet market needs.

This deepening partnership is set to address the ever-growing market requirements and customer expectations, embarking on innovative challenges, and providing customers with high-performance, efficient, and reliable waterjet solutions.


This meeting has not only strengthened their partnership but also laid a robust foundation for future collaborations. Their collective efforts will continue to drive advancements in waterjet technology, meeting the diverse demands of customers globally. We eagerly anticipate the ongoing development of this collaboration, working together to create further successes and accomplishments.

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