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high pressure water jet cutter

For high pressure water jet cutter, everyone has different special concerns about it, and what we do is to maximize the product requirements of each customer, so the quality of our high pressure water jet cutter has been well received by many customers and enjoyed a good reputation in many countries. Headwaterjet high pressure water jet cutter have characteristic design & practical performance & competitive price, for more information on the high pressure water jet cutter, please feel free to contact us.
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    China High Pressure Water Jet Cutting Machine for Sale
    5 axis cutting head enables operators to cut bevels and mitre cuts up to 45 degrees. provides the option to activate a "taper compensation" setting which offsets the taper in the water stream to accurately achieve the desired angle.
    Brand: HEAD
    Product Code: HS CODE:84649011
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    High Speed Water Jet Tile Ceramic Cutting Machine With ISO CE Manufacturer Price
    Integral Gantry Type stone sintered slabs cutting machine
    Brand: HEAD
    Product Code: hs code:84565000
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    Small Water Cutting Machine Factory Price
    One full set of machine
    Consists of worktable,pump ,cnc controller,abrasive delivery system and water cooling tower.
    Cutting materials are not limited (stainless steel, steel, copper, aluminum and other metals, glass steel, stone, glass, ceramics, plastics, composite materials...), waterjet cutting is currently the most applicable cutting process;
    No heat is generated during cutting, no arc marks appear at the slits, no thermal effect, no need for re-machining and easy rework;

    It can cut and punch any curve, no need for mold, flexible and convenient;
    The slit is only 1-1.5, the cut surface is smooth and smooth, and the roughness can reach 3.2μm~1.6μm;
    The workpiece does not need special clamping, and the operation is simple and convenient;
    The cutting range is wide and the thickness of the metal is up to 150mm.
    Brand: HEAD
    Product Code: hs code:84649011
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    HEAD NEW Designed Laminated Water Jet Glass Cutting Machine Low Cost
    Waterjet cutting of glass has advanced considerably over the last decade and has now become widely accepted as industry standard as glass processors prove the benefits afforded by current waterjet cutting technology.
    Commonly accepted as the fastest and most cost-effective way of processing glass which requires shaping and/or internal cutouts, waterjet is used for:

    Basic power point cutouts in glass splashbacks
    Holes for door hardware
    Balustrade panels
    Stair treads
    Shower screens & mirrors
    Table top inlays
    Architectural work.
    Brand: HEAD
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