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Sintered Stone Waterjet cutting

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Waterjet cutting technology is a multi-purpose, modern cutting technology with perfect performance. During the cutting process, it can achieve the characteristics of no thermal deformation, flat cut, no dust and no pollution, and reduce material waste. The five-axis water jet, which has reached the international leading level, is used in the stone industry to meet customer needs.


Waterjet cutting, which is corroded by high-pressure water impact, is prone to cracks in the delicate position of the cut. If the pressure of the water jet is greater, the impact force will be greater, so that the impact of the object being cut will be greater, and the probability of cracking will increase accordingly. Therefore, it is necessary to control the water reasonably. The pressure of the knife.


The sanding waterjet has a good cutting effect on ceramics and stone, and it is widely used in the main processing machinery of the ceramics and stone industry. Its notable feature is to cover all the curve cutting of ceramic stone. It also includes the scope of application of some large-scale, complicated and cumbersome cutting. The cases include: large-scale ceramic murals, lobby floor mosaics, ceramic screens, cabinets and bathroom special-shaped countertops, stone furniture, etc. Applied in the living room, the retro is stylish, simple and generous without losing the details, condensing the space and adding artistic sentiment. Because of the high stability of the waterjet cutting process, the cut rock slab is flat, which can increase the smoothness of the plate in the ceramic cut by the straight or curved bearing, and increase the bearing high-pressure centrifugal rotation speed, which is especially exquisite for hand carving. The medium can also be completed on time, with any cutting pattern.

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