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Typical applications of water jet in metal cutting

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waterjet cutting machine

1. Typical applications in the field of metal cutting

(1) Cutting and processing of stainless steel and other metals in decoration and decoration

(2) Manufacture of outer casings of machinery and equipment (such as machine tools, food machinery, medical machinery, electrical control cabinets, etc.)

(3) Cutting of metal parts (such as semi-finishing of stainless steel flanges, steel plate structural parts, non-ferrous metals, special metals

materials, etc.)

2. Typical applications in the field of glass cutting

(1) Glass cutting for household appliances (gas stove countertops, range hoods, disinfection cabinets, etc., TV sets)

(2) Lamps

(3) Bathroom products (shower room, etc.)

(4) Architectural decoration, craft glass

(5) Automobile glass, etc.

water jet to make a ceramic parquet processing factory.

Application in the processing field of building materials such as ceramics and stone

"Water jet" has been applied in this field earlier and currently has the largest absolute number of domestic customers. This field is mainly used for art puzzles. Chinese ceramic and stone art puzzle products are exported to all over the world. One-time forming and cutting of special materials such as composite materials and bulletproof materials

3. Cutting of low melting point and flammable and explosive materials (such as explosives, shells, etc.)

4. Ultra-high pressure water cleaning

5.  Petrochemical industry

waterjet cutting machine

(1) Electric power industry

Remove dirt on the surface or inside of the condenser (box);

Large-scale steam turbine rotors, baffles, and fouling in the casing;

Damaged refractories in the furnace and all kinds of scales on preheating and condensers can be removed smoothly without damaging the performance of the original equipment;

(2) Aerospace industry

Civil and military aviation airport runway and guardrail cleaning, runway degumming, removal of apron oil and traffic signs on the runway, etc.;

Aircraft carrier platform runway cleaning;

(3) Shipping industry

For hull surfaces that require regular descaling and painting, the use of ultra-high pressure water cleaning equipment can easily remove dirt and surface paint in preparation for repainting;

(4) Automobile manufacturing

Car paint shop paint and dirt cleaning;

(5) Construction and bridge industry


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