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Warmly welcome Korean clients to visit our company and sign a representative agreement

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Recently, HEAD Waterjet had the pleasure of hosting a visit from a Korean client who was interested in exploring our company's capabilities, facilities and expertise. We warmly welcomed the client and introduced them to some of the local culinary specialties, including the famous Shenyang barbecue.

water cutting machine

During the visit, we provided a comprehensive tour of our production facility and equipment, emphasizing our commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. The client was impressed with what they saw and expressed their appreciation for our professional approach and attention to detail.

water cutting machine

In addition to the facilities tour, we also took the client to visit the Shenyang Palace Museum, which was an opportunity to showcase some of the historical and cultural landmarks that our city has to offer. The client enjoyed learning about the local community and gaining a better understanding of the unique context in which we operate.

waterjet cutting machine

At the end of the visit, the client signed a representative agreement with HEAD Waterjet, which demonstrates their confidence in our company and its capabilities. We are excited to work with them in the future and grow the waterjet cutting market in Korea, building on our commitment to excellence in technology and customer service.

waterjet cutting machine

Moreover, we see this as just the beginning of a much broader global initiative to collaborate with potential representatives who share our values and objectives. We believe that by working together, we can create a network of trusted partners who can help us expand our reach and deliver innovative solutions to customers worldwide.

Therefore, we are actively seeking out and welcoming new representatives who share our passion for excellence and commitment to the waterjet cutting industry. With a spirit of collaboration and mutual support, we are confident that we can drive growth, unlock new opportunities and achieve shared success.

As Head has a strong research and development, production sales and service team, Shenyang Head Science and Technology Co.,Ltd has become well-known enterprises in waterjet cutting machine manufacturer field.



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