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CAD on the five-axis waterjet cutting CNC / CAM technology development status and trends

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CAD on the five-axis waterjet cutting CNC / CAM technology development status and trends

The development of CNC and CAD and CAM promote and complement each other. CAD helps in the auxiliary design of CNC machine tools, and CAM helps to accelerate the promotion and application of CNC machine tools in actual production. In order to facilitate the automatic programming of processing graphics for operators and users, and to solve the problem of automatic programming of complex curved surfaces, the integration of CAD/CAM technology into the CNC is the main development trend and direction to expand the functions of the CNC system and improve the human-computer interaction of the CNC system . Foreign developed and widely used systems include Master CAM, UG, CATIA, Pro/E, Solid Works, CV’s CADDSS, I-DEAS system and ICEM system. Master CAM, UG, etc. are widely used in CNC machining. Master CAM is a CAM software integrating CAD/CAM, which is widely used in China. UG is a large-scale commercial software integrating CAD/CAM/CAE. These softwares are very powerful, but the price is very high, domestic small and medium-sized enterprises can't afford it, and the operators need special training to be proficient in using them. Therefore, it is very necessary to develop a CNC system with CAD/CAM integrated function suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.       

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 my country’s CAD/CAM technology mainly emerged in the 1970s and 1980s. Compared with foreign countries, the development and research technology is relatively simple. The main thing is to transplant the CAD/CAM software of the workstation to the computer development platform and realize digital control. In the 1980s, the focus of research was mainly on the development of many CAD systems with independent intellectual property rights in addition to the localization and secondary development of flexible manufacturing systems and computer integrated manufacturing systems. At present, CAD/CAM on the domestic CNC system There are three main technologies: the first is the CAD/CAM integrated software on the numerical control system developed independently, such as the open eye CAD of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, the Datian CAD/CAM software system, and the Superman CAD/CAM of Nanjing University (realized The modeling of complex surfaces and the automatic generation technology of CNC codes), the CAXA series software of Beihang University and the five-axis waterjet cutting CNC system software Nc Studio and Nc Editor of Shanghai Weihong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. [; the second is in the existing Under the second development of the large-scale foreign numerical control software (Master CAM, UG, etc.), the CAM software suitable for the enterprise is researched ; The third is to develop CAM software with automatic programming capabilities under the general CAD software (such as Auto CAD) environment (or free Libre CAD). The first method is powerful, high in price, requires high technical level of R&D personnel, and has a long development cycle; the second method is powerful, has a higher level of R&D personnel, and has a short development cycle, but requires the purchase of large-scale commercial CAMs. Software, the price is very high; the third function, the price is average, the technical level of R&D personnel is higher, and the development cycle is shorter. Considering comprehensively, this article intends to adopt the third method to develop CNC on the free Libre CAD CAD/CAM integrated software.

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