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A innovation for countertop processing - The cutting machine specially for kitchen tops producing

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With the advent of ultra-high pressure water jet cutting machine, its powerful special-shaped cutting ability has attracted much attention. The cutting work of sink and faucet hole in the market has gradually been replaced by water jet cutter. However, it is necessary to transfer the slab from one machine to another, which increases the cost due to many factors.

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In order to solve the two problems above, HEAD waterjet has successfully developed a special cutting machine for kitchen and bathroom countertops by combining the advantages of various stone cutting equipment. 

This equipment integrates the characteristics and functions of both the stone bridge cutting machine and the water jet cutting machine. It can carry out bridge cutting or water jet cutting separately, or conduct a synchronous processing of the two functions. After the materials are placed, tool setting would be needed for only one-time because there is no necessary of transferring to another machine any more All the cutting work is completed by only one machine, which effectively saves the labor cost and improves the processing efficiency by 50%.

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Both the water jet cutting head and the saw blade can cut at an tilt angle, and the maximum cutting angle is 45 degrees. The cutting edge is smooth and flat, and can be spliced directly without secondary processing. 

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This equipment is very suitable for cutting stone plates with a standard size of 3.4m*1.6m and a thickness of 30mm-40mm. At present, we have exported it to the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries, which are widely welcomed by customers in this industry. An American customer said that this is indeed a creative cutting solution, which has improved the competitiveness of his factory. 

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Although it is in the epidemic at present, the order quantity is still increasing. More over, after using this equipment, the customer has eliminated some unnecessary equipment, which helped reduce the processing cost. Customer's success is the corporate vision of HEAD waterjet, that is, helping customers to continuously improve their business value. HEAD waterjet will definitely make your cabinet products more competitive.


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