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HD Combination Waterjet/Plasma Cutting Machines

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This machine able to combine the advantages of quick plasma cutting with precision of water jet

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This machine able to combine the advantages of quick plasma cutting with precision of water jet

One of the things you might notice after looking at the above list is that waterjet and plasma fit together very nicely, each processes advantages nicely cancelling the other’s disadvantage. So these two cutting processes fit nicely together, giving a machine a very wide range of capabilities for processing almost any material.



Very accurate - Waterjet’s biggest advantage is it’s precision. That is why most people want to buy a waterjet machine, to cut very accurate parts that require no secondary operations.

Eliminates need for secondary operations – it can produce a finished part that requires no machining or grinding afterwards.

No Heat Affected Zone – because waterjet is a mechanical sawing operation, it creates no change to the metallurgy of the base metal.

Cuts almost any type of material – flexibility to cut many different metallic and not metallic parts


Plasma Cutting

The plasma is sufficiently hot to melt the metal being cut and moves sufficiently fast to blow molten metal away from the cut. This technology can be use to cut all metals, because they are electrically conductive

  • High cutting speeds on a variety of thicknesses – when cutting steel or aluminum plate, plasma is the fastest cutting process (until you get down to the very thin plate, where laser can be faster).

  • Smooth edge quality – plasma cut quality is usually sufficient for subsequent welded assemblies, or in preparation for machining a part.

  • Can cut underwater – plasma can cut either above a water table, or actual cut a submerged plate, reducing noise, glare, and smoke.

  • Low operating cost – plasma costs roughly half of the hourly cost of waterjet when cutting the same material.


The synergy of combining two different technologies allows the cutting machine to utilize these two assets.

Cutting machines provide versatility and flexibility for a wide range of users from small to large companies.


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