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Water Jet High Pressure Pump

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HEAD ultra high pressure waterjet 420Mpa or 380Mpa water jet cutting machine pump



electrical power:37KW/50HP


intensifier assembly is imported from USA

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water jet cutting machine pump

1.Type of pressurization is hydraulic.

(The   water is pressurized by using the fluid pressure   intensification principle)

2.Max.   oil discharge is 106L/min

3.Max.   water discharge is 3.8L/min

4.Max.   diameter of orifice is 0.35mm

5.Max.   operating pressure is 420MPa

6.Continuous   operating pressure is 350-390Mpa

7.Power   requirement : 37KW380V/50HZ

8.Type   of shift is electronic

9.Maintenance   free Accumulator whose capability is 1.3L using American   technology

10.Intensifier are   imported from Accustream brand   import in America, with advanced and reasonable structure which have high   stability.

11.Integrated heat exchanger, high heat exchange ratio and good effect, control the   temperature of the hydraulic oil within the limit.

12.Two-stage water filter(5 um, 10 um) minimizes the damage of impurities to high pressure   seals, nozzles and other parts, improving the continuous operating time   without trouble shooting.

13.Two step-up water   supply to make sure the pressure, it will start the auto   alarm function and protection function   when water is inadequate avoid the damage to the machine and the working   performance because of lack of water pressure to a great extent,   meanwhile,improving the using time of piston.

14.Multiple filter   for outlet oil and return oil, pollution alarm,   oil cooling and oil   temperature alarming ensure the continuous operation.

15.Flexible coupling   between the main motor and pump eliminates eccentricity and absorbs vibration   to ensure its long-term reliable operation.

16.Large capacity accumulator, assuring the system pressure much more stable, cutting   efficiency much higher.

17.Over   pressure will auto stop and insufficient pressure will start the protection function, ensuring the machine will   operate more safely.

18.Control panel adapts the industrial touch display, it can show   all operating parameters, condition, breakdown situation which help the   technicians work of operating.

19.Hydraulic   system adapts automatic adjusting pump,   effectively lower the temperature of the system and improve the stability of   the whole hydraulic system, reduce the energy loss.

 water jet cutting machine pump

 water jet cutting machine pump

Water Jet High Pressure Pump

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waterjet cutting machine pump

waterjet cutting machine pump

waterjet cutting machine pump

waterjet cutting machine pump

waterjet cutting machine pump


HEAD water jet is an independent technology research and development, high-tech, promote high-quality, high credibility of the focus on large-scale ultra-high pressure water cutting machine manufacturer. Has been engaged in water jet cutting research, manufacturing, is one of the most professional water jet manufacturers in the stone parquet, glass parquet, metal shaped cutting, aerospace, military and other fields of research and manufacturing. We are a manufacturing and trading combo for water jet cutting machine in Liaoning China, with more than 15 years full experience and a professional sales team. HEAD water jet, so cutting is no longer a problem!

Quality and credit goes all the way. HEAD , a company surviving fierce market competition, has very strong national culture, and develops shoulder by shoulder with the world and this Era. We are determined to achieve our dreams step by step with the advantages of high technology. 

 water jet cutting machine pump

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Our Package Advantage:
1. Our Wooden Case is after fumigation treatment. Needn't timber inspection,saving shipping time.
2. All the spare parts of the machine were bovered by some soft materials,mainly using Pearl Wool. 
Avoiding all damages that could happen in the delivery process.Then we’ll covered plastic wrap out it tightly, make sure intact of the covered soft materials,also avoiding Waterproof and rust proof.
3. The outmost is Wooden Case With Fixed Formwork.
4. The bottom of the wooden case has firm iron jack,convenient to Handling and transport.

waterjet cutting machine pump


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