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KMT Waterjet Cutting Machine Pump

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  • H20 JET 50
  • KMT waterjet pump

The KMT Waterjet H20 JET 50 Pump is the NEW Low Cost Options for Waterjet Cutting Applications. The KMT Waterjet H20 JET 50 pump uses superior intensifier technology for proven performance to provide users with a durable, reliable water jet pump. 

The H20 JET 50 also features the all new, low profile cabinetry design for easy access to pump controls and components along with 60,000psi operating pressure to cut steel, aluminum, stone, and much more. 

The H20 JET 50 also is an all new compact, three phase pump design for quick seal change with operating pressure at 60,000psi.

 H20 JET 50 Features: 

• PLC Based Controls 

• Basic Control for Pump On/Off, E-Stop 

• Hydraulic Shift 

• Manual Cooling Water Valve (Oil/Water Heat Exchanger) 

• Remote Start/Stop, E-Stop, Hi/Low Panel 

• Booster Pump w/10 Micron Filter and Pressure Gauge 

• Return Line Oil Filter with Service Indicator

• Dual Pressure Compensator Included 

• Low Inlet Water Pressure Safety Switch (30psi) 

• 60,000 psi Design Pressure

H20 JET 50 Features (Cont’d.):

• Variable Displacement Axial Piston Pump 

• Continuous Recirculation Pump for Cooling System 

• Manual Pressure Control 

• Hi-Temp/Low Level Oil Safety Switch 

• Oil/Water Heat Exchanger 

• Auto Bleed Down Valve 

• Rugged Powder-Coated Finish 

• Vibration Isolation Pads on Motor 

• Oil Temperature/Level Sight Gauge 

• Electrical Junction Box 

• 3 Phase Motor

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