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How is the HD waterjet machine transported to the customer?

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Five steps for HD waterjet to deliver goods safely to customers:

waterjet cuttng machine

1. Use the computer to accurately simulate the space and placement required for equipment transportation to facilitate safe and efficient unloading for customers.

2. The special delivery staff will count the goods and compare them with the delivery list to ensure that the list is 100% consistent with the actual item.

3. The logistics team will fix the goods in the container in a professional way to avoid moving damage on the way.

4. International large-scale transportation and logistics companies are responsible for clearing and customs clearance of goods to ensure logistics safety and timeliness.

5. There is Alibaba's credit guarantee system to provide full guarantee for the goods to protect the interests of customers.

Over the years, HD waterjet has strictly followed the above steps to deliver goods. The safety rate of cargo transportation has reached 100%, and the customer satisfaction rate is as high as 99%.waterjet cuttng machine

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