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AB-type 5 Axis Waterjet Cutting Head

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It's can't work perfectly for the complicated shapes cut of ceramic tile marble porcelain without getting help from waterjet cutting machines.
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HEAD-5AB axis linkage waterjet cutting system offers solutions to solve high-quality ceramic, stone parquet industry, as well as non-ferrous metal vertical precision cutting industry and other issues. By varying the inclination of the horizontal and vertical directions at the same time to achieve any angle control of the cutting head, the maximum angle of 8 degrees. According to different needs at random angle fine adjustment, to realize all kinds of materials precision cutting

waterjet cutting machine

waterjet cutting machine

waterjet cutting machine

1. The cutter head can incline cutting in any direction and angle, eliminating the phenomenon of small surface and large bottom. The front collage gap required for stone mosaic is smaller, and the collage can be directly collaged without sanding, which effectively reduces the production cost.

2. Make complex graphics more detailed and beautiful, and simplify the operation of complex graphics.

3. There is no need to stop when turning, and there is no turning point, so that the cutting speed is faster, and the uneven cutting surface will not affect the collage.

4. In the cutting process, the inclination angle is automatically adjusted with the graph change, and the cutting effect is perfect.


3000*2000mm 5 axis Watetjet 


Metal Cutting By AB 5axis Head

5 axis cutting machine

Double AB 5axis Cutting Head

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