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Oil-Immersed Structure Cnc Waterjet Cutting Machine Price


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The guide rails and ball screws are fully immersed in the oil tank, providing ample lubrication and preventing wear on the drive system caused by abrasive and water splashes. This feature not only provides superb cutting accuracy, but also greatly improves the life of the machine and solves the problem of severe loss of accuracy associated with conventional water jet cutting machines. And the cut is always accurate, no matter what time of day it is.
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Product Description

waterjet cutting machine

The advantages of waterjet oil-immersed transmission mechanism include:

1. Strong stability: The oil-immersed transmission mechanism has higher stability than traditional transmission mechanisms and can more accurately control cutting speed, pressure and direction.

2. Less noise: The oil-immersed transmission mechanism uses finished oil to lubricate the transmission mechanism. Compared with grease or liquid lubricants used in traditional mechanisms, finished oil has better lubrication effect and lower noise.

3. Simple maintenance: The oil-immersed transmission mechanism is easier to maintain than traditional mechanisms. The lubrication effect of finished oil is long-lasting, and the oil does not need to be replaced frequently, reducing maintenance costs.

4. Long service life: The oil-immersed transmission mechanism has a longer service life than traditional mechanisms. In traditional mechanisms, easily faulty parts such as bearings are prone to wear due to poor lubrication, but this does not occur in oil-immersed transmission mechanisms.


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