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Water Jet Cutting Machine Optional

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waterjet cutting machine

Auto height tracking system

Use:To assure the distance between cutting head and cutting part

Advantage:pneumatic,not affect the cutting

With height compensate function, the height tolerance is less than 0.2mm

water jet cutting machine

Floor type loading system

Use:To load the cutting materials to cutting table

Advantage:To solve the problem of big size glass,stone broken during loading.reduce the labor cost.Patent products, only our company have this structure. To recommend use on 3020or 4020model

waterjet cutting machine

Wireless remote handle

Use:cutting head control and adjust

Advantage:for big size cutting table,when the cutting system is far from the cutting head,can do tool set

water jet cutting machine

Pneumatic and electric drilling unit

Use:drilling before cutting

Advantage:To solve the problem of spilly for composite materials,drilling before cutting

waterjet cutting machine

Soft water system(deionization system)

Use:To clear the hard metal ion,soft water

Advantage:improve the water quality,increase the spare parts useful life

waterjet cutting machine

Movable auto abrasive removal system


1. Clean up the deposited waste sand at any time without affecting the normal production.

2. Simple equipment operation, all operations can be mastered in 10 minutes.

3. HEAD automatic abrasive removal system with reasonable structure, simple maintenance and no wearing parts.

4. HEAD automatic abrasive removal system is equipped with special pump unit to keep the sand content in the platform below 10% and the clear water quality .

5. The abrasive removal system has a large capacity, which can meet the general sand cleaning requirements by running twice a day.

6. The comprehensive use cost of equipment will save 30,000-50,000 yuan per year.

waterjet cutting machine

Oil chiller、water chiller

Use:To cool the whole system

Advantage:better cooling way,for some high temperature country,can recommend ,high temperature will affect the useful life of spare parts

Better ensure the continuous and stable use of hydraulic system

Save valuable water resources

It can ensure that the oil temperature of the hydraulic system is controlled below 45°C.

Compared with special equipment such as oil coolers, the cost is low.

The cooling effect basically meets the system requirements.

waterjet cutting machine

Laser scanning height measurement has obvious advantages.


Using high-function laser sensor, the data sampling period is ms level, 

which can realize high-speed non-stop scanning height measurement.

High precision

High-precision sensors are used for data sampling, and the workpiece will 

not be deformed during the height measurement process. Compared with 

commonly used height measurement in the market, 

the high precision of laser measurement can be controlled within 0.05mm.

High stability Compared with the contact height measurement method, there is no risk of collision, the hardware 

structure is low, and the service life is long. A variety of scanning schemes can be flexibly selected according to the

 cutting pattern shape to improve the height  measurement efficiency.

water jet cutting machine

Continuous auto abrasive feeder

Use:to supply continuous abrasive

Advantage:no need to stop machine during feeding abrasive


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