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Waterjet Abrasive Removel System


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SMARTREMOVE Abrasive Removal Only System a water jet abrasive removal system, is the simplest and most effective abrasive removal system for your water jet cutting machine.
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Product Description

Using abrasive removal system for your waterjet cutting machine

Create $50,000 for you every year!

Improves work environment, productivity and machine system lifetime

abrasive removel

After the water cutting machine has been used for a long time, waste abrasive will accumulate in the water tank . When it reaches a certain level, we will inevitably carry out sand removal operations. In traditional abrasive removal, we must shut down, drain water, and manually dig sand to remove sand. The abrasive removal is completed. The water tank must be filled with water again. cumbersome process not only consumes time and labor, but also delays the normal operation of water jet cutter, waterjet abrasive removal system operation can be completed efficiently, conveniently and environmentally. Once the product came out, it has been well received by the industry. After the design staff's upgrade and innovation, three generations of HEAD automatic sand removal system have been launched for users to choose.

Reduce Labor and Downtime


Clean up the deposited waste sand at any time without affecting the normal production.
Simple equipment operation, all operations can be mastered in 10 minutes

HEAD automatic abrasive removal system with reasonable structure, simple maintenance and no wearing parts.
HEAD automatic abrasive removal system is equipped with special pump unit to keep the sand content in the platform below 10% and the clear water quality
The abrasive removal system has a large capacity, which can meet the general sand cleaning requirements by running twice a day.

The comprehensive use cost of equipment will create 50,000 USD per year

Easy and Cost-Effective Abrasive Removal

waterjet cutting machine

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